• My Simple Sign - digital media

    The chalkboard just went digital....

    We know the chalkboard is a great way to reach and react to your customers, it has that personal friendly touch, so could we take it to another level?

    My Simple Sign has been introduced to compliment the chalkboard that we all know, it's easy to use, quick to update and doesn't always have to be a chalkboard!

    Wall or easel mount the HD screen (size options available)

    Display in either portrait or landscape

    Tablet and sign connect via their own Wi-Fi hotspot

    Does not require internet connection

    All you need to create your poster is on the supplied tablet

    No other software or tech kit required

    Create playlists and schedule posters

    Play, pause and edit from the tablet

    Include text, images, video and stickers

    Various effects and animations available

    Utilise the tablet to take video and photos, add to you poster instantly

    Contact our sales team to arrange a demonstration